Real Estate

With intense competition for available property and very high stakes – get the information you need to choose a winning location.

How are real estate companies using location intelligence in the real world?


Foot Traffic Analytics

Gain near real-time insight into changes in foot traffic patterns. Did a nearby store lose their lease, or a major employer let employees work from home? Location intelligence gives you the advance notice you need to investigate.

Market Research

Site Selection

Benchmark foot traffic and consumer profile information for candidate portfolio sites. Don’t make a real estate investment without understanding consumer behavioral profile and foot traffic trends at the location.

Customer Insights

Customer Insights

Reduce tenant turnover and increase average length of lease. Understanding consumer affinities and interests lets you lease to tenants that are well-suited to your property and local consumer base.

Leasing & Marketing

Leasing & Marketing

Compare property performance with other, competing brands in each market. Measure performance relative to national and local market trends, and spot opportunities to create competitive advantage.

Matching the Right Audience to the Right Advertiser

Find out how location data was used to optimize on-screen advertising for moviegoers.


Learn how location intelligence can help your business reach the right consumers in the right location.

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