Retail & Restaurant

With the ever-changing retail and food industries – acquire real-world insights to help you keep up with your customers.

How are retail and restaurants using location intelligence in the real world?


Brand Advertising

Reach shoppers, foodies, and other target customers with your brand’s advertising messages. Choose from hundreds of ready-made Gravy Audiences, such as ‘Fast Food Diners’ and ‘Holiday Shoppers’, available through leading DMPs and DSPs today.

Company Benchmarking

Brand Benchmarking

Compare your restaurant or store’s performance against your competitors in the food or retail industry.

Customer Insights

Brand Insights

Discover how customers spend their time before and after they leave your store or restaurant. Understanding customer affinities lets you uncover new growth opportunities to improve your inventory and selection.

Competitive Research

Research Top Chains

Compare store or restaurant performance with other brands within the retail or food industry. Measure your performance against top national and local brand trends.


Brand Conquesting Campaigns

Launch powerful conquesting campaigns that target your competitors’ shoppers and diners. Acquire new customers by sending your ad or offer to past diners and shoppers of major chains.

Co-Marketing & Sponsorship

Co-Marketing & Sponsorship Opportunities for Brands

Discover where your customers dine, visit and shop when they’re not on site. Determine what local co-marketing and sponsorship opportunities you can leverage to increase brand awareness.

Target Consumers and Power In-Store Promotions

Find out how location intelligence was used to drive high-intent foot traffic to local retailers and introduce a new store-within-a store shopping experience.


Consumer behavior is dynamic – not static. Get the latest insights with location-powered customer analytics.

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