Location Intelligence Companies

Get more insight into your competitors and who their customers are so you can win more consumers to your brand.

Location intelligence companies specialize in collecting location data from mobile devices and contextualizing to provide accurate, actionable business intelligence for enterprises.

At Gravy Analytics, we collect location data from more than 250 million mobile devices, while ensuring the highest level of consumer privacy. Every piece of data we collect is cleansed, de-deduped, and contextualized with event information to provide more accurate location intelligence.

  • Competitive intelligence
  • Foot traffic analytics
  • Real estate intelligence
  • Advertising targeting

Gravy contextualizes all location data for more effective competitive intelligence.

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Benefits of Working with A Location Intelligence Company

Greater Segmentation

Segmentation allows companies to identify customers that have visited the same venue or store and start to better understand their preferences. Location data companies collecting this data provide organizations with information that can guide and strengthen marketing efforts. 

With the ability to gain more information on potential customers, your business is able to start organizing individuals into groups more accurately based on recorded behavior instead of assumptions. This information allows for more targeted campaigns over time as you become more familiar with which audiences are most likely to engage with your brand.

Real-Time Targeting

One of the most important benefits of working with a location data provider is the ability to use the aggregated data to deliver real-time and highly relevant ads to your target audience. Having insight into consumer habits gives you a competitive advantage that can bring your business increased marketing ROI and sales revenue.

Improved Marketing Attribution

Location intelligence allows companies to better connect advertising efforts to offline or out-of-home (OOH) actions such as store visits or event attendance. Foot traffic data allows businesses to track and monitor which consumer audiences respond best to specific outreach campaigns as they travel in the real world. From there, marketing teams can determine where to increase ad spend for performing ads to bring in more customers and close more sales. 

Geofencing Opportunities

Geofencing allows businesses to set up a physical perimeter around their venue or location where they can push special offers or ads to consumers walking inside the “fence.” Location intelligence providers can give companies insight into what types of consumers are nearby and which populations will be most responsive to ads as they walk or travel nearby, encouraging consumers to stop at your location.

Cleansed and Contextualized Data for Business Intelligence

Gravy cleanses raw location data to ensure accuracy. We remove duplicate signals, hypervelocity data, and incorporate dwell time to ensure consumers actually visited each location.

Unlike other location intelligence companies, Gravy Analytics also contextualizes all our data with event information. Use verified event attendance to see why consumers visit locations.

Marketing and Advertising Location Intelligence

Use location intelligence to create targeted digital advertisements. Gravy creates advertising audiences based on location intelligence about where consumers go offline, building lists based on consumer demographics, interests, and habits.

Location intelligence can help increase the CTR of digital advertising campaigns by 250%.

Location analytics and targeting maturity model.

Enterprise-Level Location Intelligence Company

Location intelligence companies serve enterprise customers that need greater insights into customers, competitors, and physical locations. We provide accurate location data that’s been through rigorous cleansing and privacy control methods to ensure businesses receive the insights they need to make better business decisions and increase ROI.

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