The Location Intelligence Difference

As the leading provider of real-world location intelligence, Gravy Analytics empowers businesses to use data to drive their strategies.

What We Do

With Gravy Analytics, companies can improve data-driven decision making. They can use human mobility data to identify growth opportunities, understand the business environment, and improve the customer experience.

But human mobility insights are only as good as the data is behind them. Over 50% of location data is flawed. Gravy aggregates raw data from multiple location data providers for a greater scale. Our AdmitOne processing engine cleans and categorizes location signals to provide businesses with only the highest-quality location data available.

How We Do It

100% deterministic data. Deterministic data is considered the most accurate and verifiable type of data. It represents an actual consumer activity – a purchase, inquiry, or interaction. This is why we only use deterministic – never modeled – data to build our industry-leading DaaS, Insights, and Audiences Solutions.

Location Data that Reveals Consumer Behavior

Data-as-a-Service (DaaS)

Provide verified, cleansed location-based data for a range of use cases.


Help clients discover more about their customers, company, and competition.


Give advertisers the ability to improve ad targeting and expand the reach of their advertising message.

How Can Your Company Use Location Intelligence? 

Precision Targeting

Target audiences based on key factors like visit history and interests to improve advertising performance.

Discover Buyer Personas

Discover Buyer Personas

Understand your customers with buyer personas that reveal your customers’ true interests and passions.

Mapping the Customer Journey

Map the Customer

Gain new information about the customer journey – the brands, places or events they visit, and the distance they travel.

Gain Competitive Insights

Gain Competitive Insights

Benchmark your company’s performance against others to stay a step ahead of the competition.

Enrich Datasets

Enrich Datasets

Layer location-based insights with other company datasets to gain insights that fuel your strategy.

Why Choose Gravy Analytics?



Billions of daily location signals from 250M+ mobile devices



The largest events database gives context to millions of places and POIs



The 100% deterministic consumer attendances at places and events

We Work With The Best

Whether building better customer relationships, finding their next store location, or increasing sales and ROI, our clients rely on Gravy’s enterprise location intelligence to take action. Their data-driven actions create successful outcomes.

Gravy’s enterprise location intelligence solutions are available through these leading data providers:

The Trade Desk
Google Marketing Platform
Oracle Bluekai

Don’t Settle for Low-Quality Location Data

Poor data quality skews your analysis. We have tools to identify and flag problematic signals in our location data.

Want to know how location intelligence would work for you?

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